Fundraising at Rada Boutique 

Rada has been in the area for over 15 years. We are always looking to promote local charities, schools, and individual fundraising events. We are passionate about our community and giving back. It’s important to feel good when spending our hard earned money. A great way to fundraise for local schools is through Rada Boutique! 15% of all proceeds go to the charity/organization. We also provide you with a raffle. 100% of raffle proceeds go to the charity. What better way to fundraise than to have a group of people socializing together, shopping, purchasing gifts, updating your wardrobe and at the same time raising money in the most fun way!

To book an event, call us at 617-823-7035  

Birthday Celebration at Rada Boutique!

Celebrate your birthday for yourself, your friends, or family! Invite or bring in minimum 12-25 maximum people. Let’s all dress the birthday girl from head to toe (including accessories). All guests pitch in to pay for her outfit. Imagine how special she will feel to walk out dressed beautifully and you did not all have to individually search for gifts that she may not want or need. Usually, each guest will spend between 17-27 dollars on average to contribute to her birthday outfit! The total price of the outfit will be 200 and up. Life can be busy and we may not have time to devote to our friends. Birthdays at Rada brings friends together! 

Birthday parties can be booked for: 

Mimosa Sunday mornings 

Evenings from 5-9 Tuesday-Saturday

Surprise birthday, milestone birthdays, or any party to make a deserving woman feel special. 

To book, call or text us @ 617-823-7035

Styling Services 

Style and Imagine Consulting. 

1 on 1 appointments can be made with any of our skilled Rada stylists to help you with all of your wardrobe needs whether it’s for an event or seasonal upgrade. Prior to arriving, we will pull your sizing and things we know you will love and have it waiting for you in the dressing room ready to be tried on! Just come in, try our clothes, leave what you don’t like, buy what you like, and you're done in 30 minutes! Isn’t it better than getting a brown box delivered to your house full of useless items that will most likely be returned or never worn? You can come in at any convenient time even if our store is closed. (Concierge services are provided) 

To book, call or text us @ 617-823-7035