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Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate shopping experience? Picture this: a private shopping session at your favorite store, with a personal stylist on hand to dress you head-to-toe in outfits that perfectly fit your style and body type. Imagine being able to choose the exact hours that the store opens, so you can browse and shop at your leisure. If this sounds like your idea of luxury, then you're in the right place. Welcome to Rada Boutique Private shopping offered exclusively on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays! Even though these are our typically closed days, we will open our doors to those who desire a truly unique and personalized shopping experience. So, if you're ready to indulge in the ultimate shopping spree, come and join us. Let's make your dreams a reality.

What Is Private Shopping?

At Rada Boutique, we understand that our customers lead busy lives and that shopping during regular business hours may not always be possible. That's why we offer Private Shopping, an experience that's tailored to your individual needs and schedule. When you book a private shopping session with us, you'll have the boutique to yourself, with the undivided attention of our expert stylists. Our  priority during private shopping is to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable, with no pressure to make a purchase. Whether you're looking for a single piece of jewelry or an entire vacation wardrobe, we're here to help. There are no minimums set on private shopping, so you're welcome to browse to your heart's content. We believe that every customer deserves a luxury shopping experience, and that's exactly what you'll find at Rada Boutique.

What We Offer:
Our private shopping days are Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Our time range is flexible and we can work with you to pick the perfect time so you can stroll in on a Sunday with your morning coffee or after work on a Tuesday before heading over for dinner downtown! We also offer private shopping after regular store hours Wednesday-Saturday if our current accommodations do not work! We offer our personalized stylist service to help dress you in styles that work for you and your body type. We also offer the privacy of having the entire store to yourself (you can bring friends of course)! You can also be the first to check out new inventory and grab your size before it sells out when we get new merchandise. Our Private Shopping service is meant to be easy for you and at your convenience with 0 stress, just fashion! Again, there is no pressure to purchase and no minimums. 


Have we convinced you to book a private shopping appointment with us?! Here’s how to do it:

To book with us, please text or call Rada at 6178237035. You can also message us on instagram or facebook. Appointments are not set unless confirmed by Rada. Please message or contact us by stating you would like a private shopping time and let us know a time or times that work for you! We will be as accommodating as we can and get you shopping with us ASAP! 

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