Summer Shopping at Rada

I’m a college student currently helping my mom out at Rada Boutique for the summer. I was working in the Melrose location on a very slow day and I decided to take my time looking around the store. I went through every rack and shelf and I was in shock; there were so many amazing pieces I never noticed before! How could this be? I thought I knew every piece in the store! I found so many hidden gems that customers often skip over, especially summer tops. I created some outfits out of some pieces I found. All of these looks can be worn on any body and any age! If you like them, come shop! 



The first outfit I put together is a simple and easy summer fit. The neon pink tank is new and so bright and fun! These jeans may look like a simple dark wash jean to you, but look closely and you will see funky fringe at the bottom. This differentiates these jeans from your average, plain denim. Don’t forget to accessorize with earrings and a fun bag! What I love about this outfit is the contrast between the cheetah bag and pink top. I think they pair so well together! This is an outfit a college student could wear or a mom! 



The second outfit I put together might be my favorite. This top is to die for! It's simple, soft, light, and can be worn a few different ways. Wear it unbuttoned, buttoned, tucked in, tucked out, or tied! The jeans I paired with this top will be your new go to denim. They’re simple, fit great, and stretchy! The bag I paired with this outfit is brand new! You can wear it 4 different ways, come check it out for yourself! This outfit is gorgeous for summer and can be a great transitional outfit for fall too. 



The third outfit is classic and easy.  The nude top I paired with these jeans is such a hidden gem! It's a basic tank that you all need in your closet. Most people skip over basics when shopping and then wonder why they have nothing to wear. We have so many different basics at Rada Boutique and they come in all sorts of colors and styles. As for the jeans, they appear plain black but look closely and you will see a peak of cheetah going down the side. I love these 2 paired together because the colors compliment each other so well but it’s not too overdone. Add a simple clutch/crossbody bag and some earrings and you’re out the door! Don’t forget to check out our 3/$20 earring sale too (both in Melrose & Wakefield). 



The fourth outfit features another hidden gem: this silky pink tank. This tank felt so light and smooth in my hands and I knew this needed to be shown off. Paired with these black jeans and some neutral toned accessories and you have a beautiful day or night time outfit. Don’t skip out on these tanks! Warm weather isn't going anywhere anytime soon so come see us! 



The last outfit is a great going out/night time outfit. This top actually feels like a cloud, it may not look like it but it’s very soft! Snake skin is so in right now and we have plenty of it at Rada Boutique! I paired this top with our all time favorite pants and some sparkly shoes. Have you ever checked out our shoes? We have the comfiest and most versatile shoes you will ever wear! My go to earrings are silver hoops; they pair with absolutely every outfit, guaranteed!


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