Welcome Back Sale!

Hey Rada Girls! We are so happy to have you back. We hope you missed us just as much as we missed you! To welcome everyone back from the long and shopping-less quarantine, we are having a back to business sale! Take advantage of our 20-50% off sales in our Wakefield store location.

20% OFF

Our first sale section is 20% off including a mix of amazing tops and pants for summer. Our 20% section is filled with summer items with a few exclusions (our brand new summer tanks). 



Check out some of our sale items above (few exclusions). You could get an entire outfit for 20% off!


You heard that right, all jewelry is 20% off! Now is the perfect time to get all of your jewelry to spice up and add life to your outfits! We are also introducing a BUY 3 FOR $20 jewelry section in both our Melrose and Wakefield locations! There are so many different styles and options to choose from! 


40% OFF

Step into Rada Boutique and you’ll see our 40% off signs everywhere! 40% off jeans, tops, t shirts, dresses, and more! In our 40% off sections, you will find so many different styles: summer, winter, fall, and spring. This is your chance to get amazing pieces at a price that you won't regret! We promise you will find something that's perfect for you. 


You'll find our 40% off sales all around the store!

50% Off 

The back room is 50% off. You’ll find a mix of consignment and boutique.  There are so many pieces at an amazing price. You could find an entire outfit for 50% off! Keep an eye out for amazing deals on jackets, tops, and dresses! Don’t skip out on the back room bargains, you might just find some hidden gems!    

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