Tips for Shopping End of Season Sales!

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Winter is coming to an end...finally! Spring is creeping up on us which means end of season sales and lots of discounts! When shopping end of season sales, there is a lot to be mindful about. That 30, 40, or 50% off discount may look enticing, but what do you REALLY need? Rada has compiled a list of tips and tricks for shopping end of season sales that will help save your wardrobe without breaking the bank! 

TIP 1: Be mindful of the items you didn’t buy for yourself while shopping during the previous season!

When shopping for friends and family during the holidays, was there something you really wanted but never purchased? This is the time to keep those items in mind! You might find them at a really great price!

TIP 2: Focus on the items that you actually need in your wardrobe! 

Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it will be the right purchase. Look for key transitional pieces that you can layer and wear for spring and into summer. Be sure to take advantage of Rada’s styling expertise to help you create multiple outfits. We will guide you to make the right decision that works for your wardrobe! 

TIP 3: Shop early! 

When discounts go up, the selection goes down. Don’t wait until the very last day of a sale to shop. All of the really great finds will be gone and into another woman’s closet! Stay up to date with all of Rada’s sales by following Radaboutique on instagram, facebook, and make sure to receive our emails!

TIP 4: How do you really feel? 

When shopping sales, think to yourself, “How do I really feel?” Pay attention to your feelings. If you find a fun, unique piece that makes you happy, don’t ignore it! Give yourself permission to purchase it.

TIP 5: Now what? 

You just scored amazing items from our sale! Now what? Before you put them away in your closet, take a look at what else you have. Look for clothes you already have that you can mix and match with your new ones to create more outfits, get more use, and to freshen up your look. 


Here are some examples of end of season sale outfits that are available at Rada Boutique! All of these pieces are 30% off and can be found at our Wakefield location! Happy shopping!  

Outfit 1: 

This top is a red Desigual sweater with a little bit of sparkle. You can wear this top on so many different occasions: a breezy spring day, a romantic Valentine's date, on a cool summer night, or a Christmas party. Pair it with this vegan leather jacket and you have a perfect transitional outfit. This jacket is great for early spring, winter indoor occasions, and early fall. 

Outfit 2:

This light weight, olive desigual jacket is such a deal! Olive is in trend year round. Unzip the sleeves and it turns into a vest perfect for any season. It’s especially great for traveling when you have limited space. One jacket becomes multiple different looks!

Outfit 3:

This outfit combo is to die for! The off white color blouse, embellished winter white jeans, and zip up hoodie is great for all 4 seasons to mix and match. You can create all different combos year round. 

Outfit 4:

This last outfit is a jewel tone short sleeve Desigual shirt paired with a faux suede long jacket. It is great to wear all year round. Don't forget to add great accessories. We often forget about accessories when shopping sales. Accessories can give your outfit a unique, fresh, and fun look!

Blog by Mila Frohlichstein 

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