One Piece, Three Different Outfits

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Buying high quality, timeless clothing can be a struggle for a lot of people-- especially college age/younger people. We usually gear towards trendy, cheap, fast fashion pieces. While those items are easy to obtain and dirt cheap, they end up in our trash cans shorty after. In the end, we spend more money re ordering cheap clothes, throwing them out again, re ordering, and the cycle continues. These items simply don’t last and the quality is horrendous. Purchasing quality, timeless, and (the most important part) versatile pieces will ensure your money doesn’t end up in the trash-- literally. 

I am going to show you how one simple, high quality piece, can create three different looks for 3 different occasions!

The piece that I picked out is a silky blush pink cami with a gorgeous razor back. This cami is stunning, simple, and can be mixed and matched to make so many different outfits. This top retails for $39 and is only available at Rada Boutique Wakefield. This blush color is so in right now. I used this same top to create 3 different looks-- day, work/professional, and night/party!  

The first outfit is a day look-- something casual, simple, and effortless. I paired this top with a pair of skinny ripped jeans. The two necklaces I paired with this outfit are super simple and elegant, This outfit can be worn for literally any casual occasion. Maybe you want to go to lunch with some friends, go shopping or grab some coffee. This outfit is ideal for anyone my age/ in a younger age group. 


The second outfit is a work/ professional outfit. I really like pairing a pop of color in an all black outfit which is why I am obsessed with this. Not only is the top amazing, but the blazer and the pants are to die for. These pants are my go-to pants for my job. They’re high waisted (which I love) and they’re cropped so they work for summer! The entire outfit is stunning but professional at the same time.

The third, and last, outfit is a night/part look. Although similar to the work look, the sleek jacket and flowy pants work for any night look: going out to dinner, a party, drinks, a club, or really anything! Pair it with a black or nude heel and you’re good to go! This outfit is edgy but the pink cami gives it the perfect feminine touch! 


All of these pieces can be found exclusively at Rada Boutique in Wakefield! Come shop!


- Mila 

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