What’s New At Rada Boutique!?

Fall is coming! Although it still feels like summer, the cold is approaching which means new trends and pieces at Rada Boutique! Infuse your wardrobe with these new, trendy, awesome pieces! Let us style you and help you look amazing this fall! 

** Styling services are included with all of these pieces ** 

Our first few pieces include a warm and fuzzy sweater coat topped over an elegant patterned jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is made in the USA straight from California! It’s figure flattering with a V neck. On top, our new and absolutely gorgeous sweater coat gives off major fall and winter vibes. It’s warm and fuzzy with pockets! This can transform any look from summer to fall and is perfect as a transition piece! Come feel it for yourself!

Too busy to travel all the way to Italy? Rada Boutique is a one stop shop for all things  international fashion. Our next piece is a classic plaid shirt with a touch of sparkle made in Italy! This can be paired with jeans, leggings, or whatever you want-- it's so versatile. Plaid can be used to transition into the fall season. It's a timeless print that can put together any look. 

Camo camo camo! Camo is IN. Looking like a badass just got easier. Throw on a camo printed scarf, bag, jean, top, or jacket and immediately transform your look. We don’t recommend wearing them all at once but just one of these amazing pieces will add to your entire outfit and stay up to date with the trends! Check them out at Rada Boutique! 

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