Our stylists favorite fall outfits!!

Welcome to November, the quintessential fall month that normally brings falling leaves and crisp autumn nights... but instead has somehow brought us beach weather and warm winds.
That being said, we are still going crazy over our fall fashions! We had each of our stylists pick out their favorite fall outfit, entirely with our fall collection, and write down their thoughts. Here's what they had to say! Enjoy!

1: Stylist Rada's Sassy, Classy, Bad-Assy Outfit

"OMG RADA GIRLS- check out my fall fave this season! I always like to to step outside of the box and wear an outfit that is classy, sassy, and a little bit bad-assy. And this outfit easily combines those three things! This jacket is the epitome of class, and these pants are MADE of sass! You're going to turn heads wearing this much fabulousness in one outfit!"

2. Brianna's Denim Diva Pick

"Denim is in this season, ladies. And I, for once, am wearing all denim everything! Yes, I even rock Canadian tuxedo once in a while, but I make it cute!! This flare-sleeve dress is comfy and cute, paired with one of our favorite ponchos that can be worn eight ways- pictured here as a scarf! I'd wear this with a biker jacket and some funky combat boots to add a little edge, which is my signature style. Add a denim bracelet for a little bit of sparkle and of course, a stellar vintage handbag from some secret thrift store no one has ever heard of! The perfect denim fall outfit."

3. Deirdre's Flirty, Fun, Fabulous Fall Fave

"LISTEN UP LADIES. Fall is a time for fabulous fashion. So don't be boring! I think all outfits can be polished and classy, while still being fun and flirty! Take this blouse- it is a classic wardrobe staple with added flare sleeves that make an iconic look refreshing and fun. These pants have tummy control, and they do wonders for your booty! Add some funky, bold jewelry so everyone notices you when you walk in the room. Pair it with some crazy boots that you know everyone will compliment. Now get out there and have a little fun in your new sassy, classy fall outfit!"

4. Gail's Elegant Fall Fave

"I love to always look elegant and classy, while remaining stylish and trendy. This maroon, flare-sleeve dress provides a beautiful silhouette that is a trend-setting classic look. Paired with an ever-popular Desigual scarf, this look is a fabulous fall look. Wear it with knee-high leather boots to complete the look."

5. Kathy's Edgy, Classy, Cool Pick

"Edgy, sexy, classy, chic... That's how I like to curate my wardrobe. This edgy studded camo jacket paired with grey skinnies is a classic fall look that's sure to create envy. Pair it with a chunky, maroon floral scarf to add some iconic class. I'd pair this with combat boots, a cute graphic tee, and a handful of sass.. Fall fashion is easy when you shop at Rada's, ladies!"


6. Karen's Classic Fall Look

"This outfit is simple and stunning. These embroidered jeans are my favorite fall trend! Pair it with a classy and classic burgundy top for the ultimate mix of comfort and style. Match it with a floral Desigual scarf, because Desigual is my favorite! Now you're ready to go on a beautiful fall day."

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