The 2017 Holiday Stroll!!

Nine years ago…
In a sleepy little suburb known as Wakefield, Massachusetts…
One boutique owner started a trend that added a sense of joy to a holiday tradition.
Rada always thinks outside the box and wants to make sure people have a good time doing something fun, unique and different.
Wakefield has an event every year called the Holiday Stroll where all of Main Street is blocked off for families to come and enjoy good food, live entertainment and shop at local businesses.
Nine years ago, we started showcasing our customers (in fabulous outfits, of course) as live models in our window.
Now, it has become the local attraction of the holiday stroll.
The week before the stroll, we even had customers in our store every day asking “Are you doing the live models this year?!”
At Rada Boutique, we like to add a touch of fun to everything we do, and everything that we wear!
It was so exciting to see young children looking up at the models in total amazement when they saw the them moving, and watch hundreds of people walk by and giggle at how fun it was to see real people posing like mannequins.
Even our local gentlemen love to be part of the show- Santa loves to join in as well as some local “Rada Guys.”
We even had live music performed by incredible local musician Richie Smith!
Thank you to everyone who came out to the stroll for experiencing something a little magical with us :)

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